Yes, Even You Can Learn How to Draw! Addressing The Question "Can Drawing Be Learned"

Hello there and welcome back! For those of you who are new to the blog, my name is Omanah, and I like to write about Content Creations. Especially when it comes down to blogging, art, writing, and creating webcomics. In today's blog post, I am going to be covering the topic of drawing as a skill versus talent.

Now, before we begin.. yes, drawing is a skill AND a talent. Soon, before you all begin to come for my head, let me explain to you why I believe this is so. Like anything else, if you practice a skill long enough, you will get better at it. This doesn't mean that everyone who practices a profession will become a master at the craft, but they will more than likely increase in their respective capacities. The same withdrawing, or anything else in that matter.

Moving on, we then have the concept of talent. A person is said to have the ability when they are naturally good at something, this again doesn't mean that they are a master by any means, but with little to no formal training, this person is just good at the craft. When it comes to art, these are usually the people who are left-handed (So many of my artist friends that are better than me naturally, are left-handed), those with wild imaginations, those with excellent pencil control and those with incredible hand-eye coordination skills; just to name a few.

When you are considering drawing as a hobby or drawing as a serious profession. Remember that, like anything else, you will get out of it what you put into it. In other words, if you take an hour a day and seriously practice line and pencil techniques, then you will begin to show improvement. If you are tackling art as something to do on the weekend, but you are not serious about it, you will still get better maybe just not as fast as those taking their art more seriously.

As I talk about art and talent versus skill, I cannot help but think back to my days in community college. I was an art major (and graduated with an AA in Art), and my class was full of naturally GIFTED artists that on a good day, I felt that I could not hold a candle to. One day, my favorite teacher Professor Weber, pulled me aside and told me that he enjoyed my work, but he knew that I could do better. Whenever I would ask him what he meant, he would say to me that he was talking about the attention and time that I gave my work. You see, on average, a severe piece would take me about 15 hours to draw, start to finish. However, I am the queen of procrastination so that 15-hour window was all too often crammed into 2-3 hours before class. Because I am good at art, my work was always decent, but it was not living up to its potential.

After that talk with my Professor Weber, I changed how I approached my art. I knew that I wanted to work in the field and that I wanted to write, draw, publish, produce, and direct art and artistic creations. I was just defeated by all of the raw talents around me until I started to invest in myself and my craft. Now, I make it a note to do figure studies each morning to enhance my understanding of the human body, and I am beginning to find a love for perspective so that my drawings do not look off.

All the things that I mentioned before take time. You may become a master artist overnight, though some do... But, with practice, goals, and the right mindset, you can create beautiful art that is all your own. So, as for the talent versus skill debate... art is a blend of both. As a competent artist, I can tell you first hand that the work you put in is the work you get out, natural gift or not. The ability to draw is a skill that forever needs fine-tuning. As an artist and as a creator, you can only get better at what you do.

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