Redrawing My OC From 2015 In 2020

What's Good Love? Yesterday, I came up with this spectacular idea, though not an original idea it was game-changing ever the less. Yesterday, I went live in my Facebook group Drawing 101 | Learn To Draw and I redrew my OC Racksha in my current style. The drawing of Racksha that I recreated was from back in 2015, during my time in Art School. I was so proud of her when I originally drew her because it was one of my few freehand drawings in photoshop. I was and am still proud of her to this day.

| Racksha 2015 | Racksha 2020 | 
Omanah Bultman

However, I wanted to see how much I had grown as a creator and so I redrew her, and when I tell you I have never been so proud of a drawing in my life. To see how much my style has grown in the past 5 years was astonishing to me. I am so excited about my overall growth as an artist and I love the fact that I have managed to create a work that I believe to be worth putting on a T-Shirt. Yes, you heard me, I am so proud of my drawing, that I am going to have it plopped onto a T-Shirt. More to come on that in the near future. I hope to have the T-Shirt Created by the end of this month, beginning of next.

As always, Thank You all so much for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a wonderfully creative day! Until Next Time, See You!

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