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6 Guided Steps to Creating an Inspirational Mantra for 2019 with a Free Printable Worksheet

2019 is here and it is time to bring in the new year right. New year, new me; am I right? But how do we define this new me? Better yet, what is the new me? Insert a Mantra. As defined by Oxford Living Dictionary, a Mantra is a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation. it can also be a statement or slogan repeated frequently or a Vedic hymn.

In this post, I will be showing you how to choose your Mantra using personal discovery. 

To couple with this post, I have put together a free worksheet to assist you in finding the Mantra that best suits your goals for 2019.

Tools to follow this post
Printable or Something to write on
Pen or Pencil
Open and Clear Mind
Quiet Place

 Add The Guided Inspirational Montra Worksheet to your journal or sketchbook

1. Reflect of your past year

Take a moment and think back to this past year; take into account all 7 areas of life. Think about your ups, your downs, think about your wins and your losses. Now, answer the following questions and be as detailed as possible.

  • What went well in 2018?
  • What were your opportunities
  • What would you change?
  • What would you keep the same?

2. Personal Describe

Now, it is time to get a bit personal. Yes, be selfish. Think about you and what it is that you want for yourself. Think hard about your quality of life and how you'd like to either enhance or simplify it. Now, answer the following questions and be as detailed as possible.

  • What are your goals for 2019?
  • What was your goal for 2018? Did you achieve it? If not, how close did you come?
  • What was 2018 like for you? Be honest.
  • What kind of year do you want to have in 2019?
  • How would you describe your life currently? Consider your daily routines and schedule. Are they boring, overbooked, slow?
  • What life do you desire? Even if your ideal life seems unobtainable be detailed.
  • What are your wants for 2019?
  • What are your needs for 2019? Even though you may not currently know everything you need list what you can. To get you started food, shelter
  • What are some words that you use to describe yourself? List 5 words. (List of Character Traits)
  • What are some words that others use to describe you? List 5 words. (List of Character Traits)

3. Brainstorm

  • Considering the questions you have answered so far. What are the common factors? 
    • Have you repeated any words, ideas, thoughts? 
    • What are these recurring themes?
  • Come up with positive 10 words that best fit these commonalities in your responses.

4. Search

Now that you have taken a look at your past year and determined your desires for the new year. It is time to start connecting the dots. 

  • Refer back to your list of 10 positive words and list two synonyms for each.
  • Referring back to the same 10 positive words list two antonyms for each word.
  • Now, you should have a list of 30 possible words that are in line with your personal Description. Which ones stand out to you? Circle or Highlight them.
    • Which antonyms fit your past? Draw an "X" over them. 
    • Which ones are irrelevant to your past? Draw a line through them. 
    • Which words are currently relevant to you and you would like to either change or improve upon? Underline them.
  • Look back on the list of 30 positive words that you have created. 
    • Make a list of the top 5 words that best resonate with you.

5. Define

  • Now that you have a list of five words that best resonate with you, define them.
  • Write a short description of yourself using each word. 
  • Does this define you? 
  • Does this description fall in line with the essence of your goals and ambitions for 2019?
  • Choose the word that best describes you.

6. Execute and Share

  • It's time to announce it! Write in in your journal, planner, or even your social media.

Now that you have successfully established your Mantra for 2019 it is time to write out your Mission Statement for 2019!

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