7 Reasons You Should Make a Vision Board For 2019

Vision Boards are very inspiring. They provoke drive, motivation, personal control, and self-discipline. They encourage you to grow and develop as a person and place your goals at the forefront of your priorities.

1. Vision Boards Keep You are visually defining your goals

When you created a Vision Board. You are visually defining your goals. You are putting a face to the words that you use to create your ideal self, your ideal life. You are showing yourself the fruits of your labor.

2. Vision Boards Keep You Motivated

Whenever you feel down and out, Vision Boards are a great source of motivation. Vision boards allow you to look at your goals and they encourage you to work for what it is that you want to be and do.

3. Vision Boards Encourage You to Take Control of Your Life

Vision Boards encourage you to take control of your life. They encourage you to take control of your life and be the best you. They show your goals in life and offer you that extra push you need in life.

4. Keeping Your Eyes on the Prize

Vision Boards offer a list of prizes for your life goals. They also provide you with a path for maintaining your goals. Vision Boards are filled with things that you hope to achieve in life. They are filled with your aspirations. When you work hard to accomplish those dreams and aspirations. You are in turn rewarding yourself for not giving up on your dreams, thus keeping your eyes on the prize.

5. They are a Source for Inspiration

A Vision Board will inspire you to keep working towards your dreams. They will inspire you to work hard, think outside of the box, and work hard for your dreams. With a Vision Board, you will be more inclined to remain inspired.

6. Encourages You to go After Your Dreams

There are a number of dreams that you have. Why not go after them? When I was in high school, I had a teacher tell me to place a sticky note on my bathroom mirror so that I would see it every day and remember what it is that I am working towards. 

7. It is Fun and Stress Relieving Activity

The creation process of making a Vision Board is calming in itself. When you sit down and compare your life as it is to what you know it could be. You become impelled to dig deep, think about the life that you want, visualize it and put it on display as a constant reminder of what you are working towards.

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