Content Atomization and 20 Ideas for Incorporating Atomized Content into Your Content Marketing Strategy

What is Atomized Content?

Atomized content is content that has been broken down into digestible segments and then distributed or shared.

This is not a new concept however, authors have been doing this for quite some time now, creating work and publishing it in bits. It keeps the audience waiting and wanting more. Platforms like creators on platforms such as Wattpad and Youtube create a form of atomized work as well when they create their content in the form of chapters,  series, and individual topics.

When you atomize your content you are giving it another life. You are taking the content that you have, transforming it and distributing the newly formed pieces. Take a Youtube Live Stream, for instance, this life can be taken and turned into an edited video, an infographic, a podcast, and even a blog post and then redistributed. Have you ever seen an infographic, clicked on it, been taken to a blog post that goes into more details about what is on the infographic; then you realized that the infographic is merely a visual summary of the blog post? Same concept.

5 Reasons to Atomized Content?


You are able to share your content in a more effective and less time-consuming manner.


You are able to consistently connect with your audience, thus making your content more available and accessible to them.

Cover More Ground

You are able to share your work across multiple platforms and effectively reaching your audience without the need for a massive team.

SEO Benefits

The content becomes easier to find. Your content will have more realistic in on the internet, this will generate more clicks, view, shares, and backlinks, thus leaving a trail of your content that the search engines will pick up on and sure enough create more activity on your site.

Increased Engagement

Your content is consumed more. Automated content us usually shorter and more consumable for your audience; all while providing valuable information. This encourages your audience to take action and engage through comments, likes, and sharing.

20 Ideas for Incorporating Atomized Content into Your Content Marketing Strategy

01. Cheat sheets
02. Ideas lists
03. Worksheets, Printables, and Templates
04. Social Media Posts
05. Email Newsletter
06. Reviews and testimonials
07. eBooks
08. Case studies
09. Infographics
10. Podcasts
11. Video on Your Site
12. Youtube Channel and Live Streams
13. Courses and Webinars
14. Memes
15. Gifs
16. Onsite blog posts
17. Off-site blog posts
18. Cartoons or comics
19. Quizzes, Polls, Surveys, and Assessments
20. Contests, Giveaways, and Challenges 

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