Slay the Day | 30 Day Challenge | January

Slay the Day
30 Day Challenge

1. What is your current relationship with your blog?

  • 01/01/2019
  • My current relationship with blogging is a business/passionate relationship. I love creating and I love sharing information; creating a blog was the next best thing. I have always wanted to get paid for doing what I love, so now here we are.

2. Where do you see your blog in 10 years?

  • 01/02/2019
  • In 10 years, I see my blog as an authority site. I see my blog as the go-to site for creators from all niches who are looking for inspiration, answers, and advice. I hope to create a community of creators who can come together and share their ideas, experiences, and perspectives with one another.

3. What are your top five blogging pet peeves?

  • 01/03/2019
  • My top five blogging pet peeves about blogging are 
    • Settling on a topic to talk about 
    • Finding the time to blog even though I have planned for it
    • Clickbait
    • Constant Popups
    • False Use of Hashtags

4. What are your favorite snacks to eat while blogging?

  • 01/04/2019
  • When I blog I enjoy the following snacks
    • Zebra Cakes
    • Chips
    • Ramen
    • Food In General

5. What’s your favorite drink to drink while blogging?

  • 01/05/2019
  • When I blog I enjoy the following brinks
    • Tea
    • Iced Chai
    • Soda
    • Monster Energy Drinks

6. What does your zodiac sign say about your work ethic?

  • 01/06/2019
  • My sign is Sagittarius and according to -- Sagittarius are "Not really team players, Sagittarius assume command and then follow their hunches rather than carefully mapping out things. As a Sagittarius, you tend to expect the best in people, even if they disappoint you time and time again. A Sagittarius is enthusiastic, willing, and generally ahead of everyone else in their workplace. As a Sagittarius rather than take your time with a project you're likely to leave it behind or do without it altogether." Read More Here.

7. What is your favorite blogging tool?

  • 01/07/2019
  • My favorite tool to use while blogging is Google Blogger. The platform is easy to use the platform and I am familiar with it. I also enjoy my laptop. I have tried blogging from my phone and tablet and let me tell you, the struggle is real.

8. What about blogging makes you the happiest?

  • 01/08/2019
  • I am happiest when my audience takes away something meaningful from my content, be it an idea or more knowledge. I enjoy sharing information with others.

9. Was blogging a career you’ve considered?

  • 01/09/2019
  • Blogging itself was not a career that I considered growing up, but it is definatly one that I am considering and pursuing now, I want to make this a full-time job if I can. Until then I will dedicate my time to building my brand and providing value to my audience.

10. What is your blogging guilty pleasures?

  • 01/10/2019
  • One of my guilty pleasures about blogging is being able to escape the stay at home mom life. Though I am also a student, classes are currently on break and I have nothing to do all day besides taking care of my children and clean. When the kids are asleep and the chore list is complete, there is nothing for me to do but sit in silence. Blogging in itself is my guilty pleasure in blogging.

11. What is your blogging playlist?

  • 01/11/2019
  • My current blogging/ writing playlist can be found on Spotify link here. I enjoy background distractions while I am working on a writing project. Though I enjoy instrumentals, I like to listen to the artists sing, therefore most of the songs in my playlists have lyrics.

12. What does a typical blogging day look like?

  • 01/12/2019
  • My typical blogging day is full of research, to be honest. Many times the topics that I want to blog about require a bunch of research. So I have to dig for information. 

13. Where is your ideal place to blog?

  • 01/13/2019
  • My Ideal place to blog would be in an at home office that is decorated to my taste. With a beautiful view to constantly inspire me. I would also like for there to be a little sitting area or corner where I can lay or sit on the floor and let my creative juices flow!

14. What is your greatest blogging memory?

  • 01/14/2019
  • My greatest blogging memory is when I decided to try batching my work as blogger and everything basically fell into place.

15. Write something interesting about your blog?

  • 01/15/2019
  • My blog is geared toward encouraging content creators to do the best that they can in any niche.

16. Who are your favorite bloggers?

  • 01/16/2019
  • I currently do not have a favorite blogger, however, if you have any suggestions comment down below!

17. What are your highs and lows about your blog?

  • 01/17/2019
  • My highs are watching my pageviews go up. My lows are not receiving comments/engagement.

18. What is your most popular blog post?

19. What is your biggest regret about your blog?

  • 01/19/2019
  • My biggest regret is not taking blogging seriously back in 2012 when I first considered blogging.

20. Have you enrolled in any courses regarding your blog?

  • 01/20/2019
  • I am currently enrolled in Dale L. Roberts "DIY Publishing Course" for Self Publishers

21. What TV show do you watch while blogging?

22. Any changes you would like to see in your blog?

23. Write about your favorite blogging youtubers.

24. What inspired you to blog?

25. A blog post that you were moved by?

26. If you had a thousand dollars to invest in your business how would you spend it?

27. Describe any issues you have had while blogging?

28. Who would you want as a blogging mentor? 

29. List 7 people who inspire you and why?

30. What motivates you to blog? 

31. What are your blogging goals for 2019?

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