The Difference Between a Content Developer and a Content Manager

Content Developers

The term content developer is a very diverse term and relies heavily on who/ what you are addressing. For that purpose, I will be sharing a few definitions of a content developer.

  • Programmers skilled in web-based technology to create, update and modify websites.
  • Writers, Artists, and Creators skilled in creating content, graphics, and images.

Content Developers can also be called Web Developers and Content Creators.

Duties of a Content Developer Include

  • Goal Setting
  • Role Delegation
  • Content Planning
  • Content Creation

Content Manager

The term content manager refers to the individual who oversees the work and creation process of the content developers or web developers. Their job is to make sure that the content is optimized and meets the needs of the organization before being published.

Content Managers can also be called Content Marketers.

Duties of a Content Manager Includes

  • Duties of a Content Manager Include
  • Creating an Editorial Calendar
  • Marketing
  • Supervsing all Content Creation
  • Acting PR (Public Relations) Team

To Sum it all Up

The content creator, also known as a web developer is the individual who creates the content and the Content Manager is the Individual who oversees the creative process and ensures it's optimization. These roles are reversible and can be maintained by a singular individual.

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