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Understanding Your Audience

If you are looking to level up your content creation process, the next best thing to do is to offer up solutions to your audience. You can do this by getting to know and understand them. By doing so, you can tailor your content to fit their needs.

1. Define Your Audience

The first step to understanding your audience is first getting to know your audience. Once you know your audience, then you are better equipt to search for them.

2. Do Your Research

When you are conducting research about your audience you are finding out what they like and do not like, what they value, what they want and what they dream for.

3. Create a Customer Persona

Your Customer persona is a biography of your ideal customer. This is your ultimate definition of your niche, extended niche, your customer and your alternate customers. This will be your road map to creating content. This will set the parameters to what it is that you need to create and how you need to present it to get the thought across to your audience.

4. What Questions do You Audiences Have?

While researching, you should be looking to provide them with value. In doing so, you need to know what in the community that they like and do not like. What they need help with and the questions that they have. Remember, more often than not, there are more ways to answer a question. Don's shy away from this. It is an awesome way to not only put out more content but provide value to your customers because not everyone learns the same way and more often than not, things can be better worded. Read more about Creating a List of Content Ideas here.

5. What are Your Competitors do?

Chances are, this is your business and you are looking to excel in it. In doing so, you will need to make sure that you have the upper hand and that you are in the know, so why not connect and research your competitors that are both above and in line with your current success. You can learn a ton from what others in your line of work are doing.

6. Engage with Your Audience

It is always a good idea to engage with your audience. Answer their questions, respond to their comments and like their comments. For bonus points, share their content that is relevant to your work. Sure enough, if you engage with your audience and show your appreciation for them, they will reciprocate the favor by promoting, calling for you for services and even purchasing your merchandise.

7. Get Personal

Sharing is caring, but not too much. Share your personal experiences and methods with your ideas with your audience. Do not attack them. Do not shame them. If you disagree, there are kind ways to express yourself.

8. Observe Social Media Habits

Where does your audience reside on the internet? Is it a specific social media platform? Is it on a forum? A chat room? A group? What are they saying in these groups? What are their grievances and how can you offer up solutions?

9. Conduct Surveys

Once you have a following, ask them questions. What type of content that they want to see? That they want to do? What type of work are you looking to produce for them, and what type of work will they searching to for? What will they value?

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