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Content Creator Spotlight Taelor Wright

I am excited to introduce the first Content Creator Spotlight for the Blog! The Content Creator Spotlight is about Content Creators who are doing their thing in the Content Creation World.

Q1 | How long have you been a content creator? What type of content do you create and for whom?

For 9 months, I create YouTube videos for anyone who likes hauls, baking videos, unboxing, vlogs, mukbangs and stormy times

Q2 | What is your mission statement, purpose, or mantra? What is your favourite quote?

I don’t have a mission statement yet but My favourite quote is "though she was small she was fierce"

Q3 | What are your relevant blog and website links? What are your social media links?

Q4 | What are the highs and lows of your content creation process? What is your advice to new content creators?

The highs are when I have tons of time to create and edit and post consistently and I’m getting lots of views and subscriber increase. The lows are when it’s really hard to be a small YouTuber because all the trendy videos cost money or are extremely time-consuming because YouTube is not my full-time job. I also find it really hard when I have tons of work, school work, and other activities to focus on while attempting to maintain views, content, consistency and time.

Q5 | What are your content creation goals for 2019?

To get to 400 subscribers, get another video past 1k views and reach 4K followers by the end of 2019

Q6 | Who are your favourite content creators or gurus? Provide relevant links. What other content creation activities are you involved in?

  • AmandaRachLee she does bullet journaling and organization videos.
  • JanTube all make editing videos Editing by Matthieu
  • ItsFrida
  • NicoleBBB
  • Jan Gibi 
These are all ASMrtist and they make ASMR to help with sleeping relaxation and anxiety ASMR 
  • Diamond ASMR 
  • HyuneeASMR 
  • TheChew 

Q7 | What are 3 books you would recommend to other content creators?

Nineteen minutes, Judi Lovely bones Alice Sebold The princess saves herself in this one, Amanda Lovelace

Q8 | Do you see content creation as a career or a hobby? What Merch or Content, that you have created, would you like to shout out?

I currently see it as a hobby. Until I am monetized It will be a hobby because It cannot be a career or job if I’m not being compensated, however. I would love if YouTube became my full-time job. I don’t have any merch currently but once my fan base is bigger I will.

Q9 | Tell us a little about you or What is your author/creator bio?

I was born on April 26th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I grew up in Germantown, Wisconsin I’m currently studying nursing in the hopes to be a traveling nurse. My hobbies Include crafting, shopping, organizing and planner making, sticker making, baking. I also enjoy astrology I’m a coffee enthusiast and foodie. I do a lot of traveling over the summer and I attend music festivals. I’m an only child.

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