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How to Become a Content Creator 2019

So, you want to become a content creator, but you don't know where to start in your content creation journey. Well, I am excited to answer that question for you.

What is Your Reason for Wanting to Become a Content Creator

This is a question that you should be asking yourself. What is driving you to become a content creator? I wanted to become a content creator because I enjoy creating content for others to consume. If you cannot answer this one question then you should revisit your purpose for wanting to become a content creator.

Find and Follow Content Creators Your Admire

You are not alone and you do not need to reinvent the wheel. There are sure to be others before you. Find them, see what it is that they are doing and determine what it is that is causing their audience to stick around. Some platforms to visit for this are

  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Just to name a few.

Find a Niche to Base Your Content Around

Your content should carry a common theme. Mommy blogs talk about being a mon, lifestyle blogs talk about well, lifestyle. These blogs have a niche that they cater to and a giant chunk of their content revolves around it.

When deciding on your niche, it should be somet6hing that you are passionate about, it should inspire you and excites you.

Learn to Network

In addition to getting to know our audience, you should learn more about those in your community. Treat them as if they are your coworkers and get to know them, work together on projects, share information and ideas.

I have a facebook group for content creators. I am also in many groups for content creation, writing, and self-publishing.

Join the Facebook Page Here.
Like the Facebook Page Here.

Learn to Copywriting and SEO Copywriting

Copywriting, especially for SEO, is a very powerful skill to have. Not only will the quality of your writing raise, but the ability for y6our work to be seen increases dramatically as well.

Learn Some Graphic Design Skills

Graphic Design skills are great for all content creators. You will learn the fundamentals of art and how to create an appealing cover, title page or images. You will learn a lot about composition and the elements of design once you have obtained these skills.

Web Development Skills

Now, a web evelope4r is another word a content creator. But here I mean developing websites, something that a content creator should know hot to do. Building sites and learning HTML are key to creating a stunning and functional site.

Be Consistent

If you get into the habit of creating work on a consistent base even if it is just once a week. You will attract and maintain an audience. Besides, practice makes perfect, the more you work the more you can perfect your craft. 

Question Everything

Remain curious! ASk question! Search for answers! These questions will lead you to answer the questions that your audience members have, remember, they look to you to answer them.

Understanding SEO

SEO is going to get you noticed by the search engines. So understanding keywords and how they work will help you gain momentum and increase your exposure as a content creator.

Become a Mini Social Media Guru

Become a mini social media guru. If you can reach your audience on social media you have a lock on your growth and a possible base for your base audience. Once you learn to market yourself the options become limitless.

Embrace Your Analytics

now your numbers! I check mine every day. I go onto my reports and I see what went well, what needs work and where I should go from there. If you lack comments on your blog, the next best thing is having a look at your analytics because it tells you where you are and where you need to go from here.

Practice by Treating Your Blog and New Role as a Content Creator as a Job

Treat your role as a content creator as a job. If you want to take this seriously and make it into a full-time job, this is where you will start.

Give Value to Your Audience by Teaching Them

Provide value! Share what you know or what you are learning with your audience so that they can build a report with you and they are more likely then to buy from you as well as connect with you, especially if you use personal experiences like I do.

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