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How To Set Up Blogging Binder | My Blogging Binder System

My Blogging Binder System

In the spirit of preparing for this challenge. I have been researching and playing around with different ways to keep track of how to maintain my blog. I have tried a traditional journal, a notebook, a planner, and a bullet journal. They all have their pros and their cons. Using a blend of things I have found a system that works for me that I will be sharing with you today.

The System

The system that I have come up for myself is primarily run from a binder, however, I have a planner, a bullet journal and a lined notebook to go with. Many may say that this is much, but this is what I have found works for me. The system is simple. The Primary aspect of the system is a Binder, and yes I can 100% get rid of everything else and just use the binder, but, I choose not to and I will explain why.

What You Will Need

The Sections

01. Calendar

In these sections, you will be keeping your calendars, schedules and To-Do Lists.

02. Blogging

This section is where I keep my list of blog post ideas, their brainstorming sheets, research, and their outline. My blog posts are typed on my computer so I have no need to write them all out beforehand. If I were to so so however I would just use either filler paper or the notes pages that I created. I also keep a running list of the posts that I have published and their dates.

03. Goals

The goals section of my blog contains my weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals. Because I am so invested into my blog, I am very focused on creating traffic and building an audience, which is why I frequently check in on myself to make sure that I am doing right by my goals.

04. Audience

This section is dedicated to getting to know my audience. As I stated earlier, one of my goals for this blog is to grow my audience, what better way to accomplish this goal than studying them and gaining a better understanding of their needs.

05. Cheat Sheets

Many things that I do on my computer come with its own special specs. Take for example my blog's main color, it is a pastel coral, a color that isn't too common in the programs that I use (e.i. it doesn't come as a preset). So, I have to remember the RGB and the HEX codes for the color. I also have to remember the sizes for Pinterest Pins, FB Banners, and so on. All of this information, including passwords and special rules, go in this section.

06. Project (s)

This section is where I place my current project(s) that are either long term or have many moving parts. I have multiple of this section in my blog because I have a few projects that I am working on and I want to keep them separate from the remainder of the binder. This is also great for content that you have that just doesn't fit in with the normal blog posts but it is still relevant to the blog; like a course.

07. Misc

Currently, this section just holds my blank pages of filler paper d my empty pocket protectors.

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