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My Favorite Types of Content and Why

Content creation is a huge thing for me. I love seeing the creative mind work and meticulously manipulate a blank slate into a work of art. In this blog post, I will share with you a few different types of content, what I like about them and lastly which ones I use and why. If you are ready to read more grab a snack and let's get to it.

In the article "105 types of content to fill up your content calendar" Nathan Ellering lists 105 Type or
Formats for content creation. Because this list is a bit daunting and I like to keep things simple I refer to Justin McGill's article "How to Develop a Content Strategy: A Start-to-Finish Guide" where he shares a more condensed list of content creation formats. From this list I will be sharing with you, my favourite types of content to read and write and the reasons why.

My Favorite Types of Content to Read

As a blogger, I do my best to read other blogs and do research online so that I know what I am talking about. There is nothing worse than talking about a concept and not knowing any about the subject matter.

01. Webcomics

I am a major comic fan, and if I can support another artist by reading their webcomics and watching a 30-second ad or two then I am there!

02. How To's

I enjoy learning new things and how to post is key when it comes to learning a skill online. How to videos have taught me Statistics, HTML, and Copywriting just to name a few.

03. FAQ's

FAQ's are a great way to interact with your audience and to answer any overlooked questions that your audience may have. I enjoy asking questions to those that I follow and getting answers.

04. Infographics

If you haven't realized by now, I am a visual person. A lot of what I do deals with visual and hands-on learning. Because of this, I love a good infographic to spell out what I can read in a blog post.

05. Podcasts

I enjoy the radio, so when I started listening to podcasts I felt like I was in heaven. Now, I get to listen in on discussions about things in my niche.

06. Audiobooks

I am a book lover bit if I can listen to it over reading it myself I tend to take more away from it. I love being able to take a hands-off approach to take in a book. I treat books like lectures now as opposed to a reading assignment.

08. Q and A Sessions

I love a good live session where your favourite creators answer your questions. It is very engaging and intereactive.

09. Lists

I am a lister at heart, I have sticky notes and notepads for days laying about the house and whenever I need to rememeber something it becomes a long, long list. My favourite part is checking things off. I am a trye box checker.

10. Blog

Blogging is my life. Im sure you guys get that by now. When I blog I usually use a listing or standard form of writing format. Because of my love for writing, you will find me creating a standard blog post most often.

11. Opinion Post

I like to hear about what others opinions regardless if I agree or not, it is interesting to see how other people think.

12. Templates

I am a huge workbook fan, whenever I am bored I create no and low content books on Amazon, a number of my ideas come from books that I wish existed but I could find.

13. Polls

I like to know what others think. Polls are a great way of finding out the answers. In the Facebook Group, I ask questions and polls all the time. Don't forget to join the group.

14. Quizzes

In addition to finding out things about other ppl. I like to do some soul searching for myself. Taking online quizzes is a fun way to find out where I fit in. Even if I know its inaccurate.

15. Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is life! I love this platform. It's like a gigantic vision board Currently I get 228K views a month and growing! Don't forget to follow me on Pinterest.

16. Social Media Statuses and User-created Content

I am a huge FB lover. I enjoy reading everyone's posts and viewing their opinions and their take on certain matters. I also enjoy the sense of community that it provides. Not to mention the endless amount of content that flows through my news feed. The articles, videos, links it's like a content creation wonderland.

17. Timelines

Timelines are fun! I love knowing the who, what, when, where, how and whys over everything. Timelines are great for providing this sort of information.

My Favorite Types of Content for Writing My Blog Posts

Content creation is a never-ending trend of creators making their best content and living their best lives. I for one am a fan of the saying write from the heart. Because of this, I have a diverse set writing formats that I reference whenever I am looking to spice up my writing life.

01. FAQ's

Every now and again I get questions from my following, I like to compile them into a single post from time to time and refer them to the post if the question has already been answered.

02. Q and A Sessions

I go live from time to time on FB and Twitch to explain concepts and answer questions especially if it is a complex concept.

03. Routine/Day in the Life

I enjoy sharing my life with you all so I make the routine and day in the life posts. Soon, I will be making vlogs.

04. Definition Posts

I enjoy defining and explaining concepts so I make a ton of these.

05. Lists

Like said earlier, I am a lister, and since my house is full of lists why not put them on my blog as well?

06. Templates and Guided Worksheets

I make templates for my audience members from time to time. I plan on making a ton and selling them on Etsy.

07. Polls

I ask questions in the FB group to see what you all are thinking about or have questions on.

08. Quizzes

Just as I quiz myself I share quizzes so that you all can share in the fun.

09. Pinterest Boards

Like I said before I am a huge pinner and I always will be. All I do is pin pin pin no matter what! Lol.

10. Interviews

I have an interview post series known as CCS if you re interested in learning more about becoming featured as a creator click here.

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