Content Creator Spotlight Jamaul Johnson

Q1 | How long have you been a content creator? What type of content do you create and for whom?

I have been a content creator since the age of 5. I make afrocentric art, or art inspired by the African diaspora. that's the best way for me to describe it.

Q2 | What is your mission statement, purpose, or mantra? What is your favourite quote?

too many to name. But my mantra when creating art is that creativity can be found in anything.

Q3 | What are your relevant blog and website links? What are your social media links?

I'm all over social media. But check out my Instagram: @creative_is_an_understatement

Q4 | What are the highs and lows of your content creation process? What is your advice to new content creators?

Lows only come when doing commissions consecutively because it can sometimes be a bit draining.

Q5 | What are your content creation goals for 2019?

I want to expand my creativity into writing and other media.

Q6 | Who are your favourite content creators or gurus? Provide relevant links. What other content creation activities are you involved in?

Man, I've been inspired by many a artist and writer alike. Akiria Toriyama ,Stan Lee , Frank Miller, Todd McFarlene, ActionHankbread, PaperFrank, Dewane Mcduffe (static shock fame) etc.

Q7 | What are 3 books you would recommend to other content creators?

The only book that comes to mind for me is mastery.

Q8 | Do you see content creation as a career or a hobby? What Merch or Content, that you have created, would you like to shout out?

Both, this may sound a bit vague, It really depends on the person. I consider it who I am. I'd like to shoutout my prints

Q9 | Tell us a little about you or What is your author/creator bio?

I'm from Broward County Florida. I've been doing art for most of my life. I've won awards and done plenty of shows and I most definitely look forward to what's coming next. ;)

Q10 | Did you know that the CCS also has a recommendation program? This is for any content creators that you personally know and would enjoy being in the spotlight. List 3 up to individuals you believe deserve a turn in the spotlight and why.

Jason Jaflu Fleurant | IG: @ jafleu
Jamaal Clark | IG:@visualistart

11 | Other Works By Jamaul Johnson

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