Why do I Blog? My Reasons for Creating My Blog in 2019

Writing is my heart and soul. I love sharing information, building relationships, entertaining, and educating. And because of my blog, I am able to do all of it. This starting this blog was almost natural to me. Now, I am at that point where I am trying to take it to the next level, and I want to grow as a blogger in hopes of making this my full-time career; if I can. While I was reviewing my goals for the day, I asked myself "Why Do I Blog?" A million and one reasons ran through my head as to why it is that I blog. From there I figured, why not make this into a blog post? Why not share what I am thinking with my audience? And so, this is "Why I Blog."

01. I Like to Share, A Lot

I share information and stories all the time. Those who know me say I share too much. Regardless, I am a storyteller by nature. It is how I learn, and it is also how I retain information. I am more likely to remember someone if they tell me a story rather than if they hit me with a "Hi" and "Bye".

02. I am A Life Time Learner

In addition to sharing too much, I also like to learn and continue to share what I learned with others. Like I said, I learn and retain information the best when I share it in story form. When I write a blog post, it is my way of telling a story. The learning style I feel is a mutual one; I give information out and take information in.  Blogging allows me to practice these principles.

03. I Have Freedom To Express Myself

On my blog I do a lot, I am building a brand while exploring various fields of content creation and I and sharing them here on the blog. Here I am able to be as creative, descriptive and long-winded as I like. I am a creative person, and with my blog, I can be me.

04. To Become More Open Minded

As many of you may know, I am going to school for social work. Social issues are super diverse and require an open mind. Blogging rencourages me to do some initial research on most topics, and that pushes me to form an onion for myself while taking into account the feelings and perspectives of others. 

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