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70 Self Care Ideas

Self-care is an essential part of anyone's routine, regardless if you work, are a student, or you perform a stay at home role. Self-care should be on your weekly list to do.

What Is Self Care?

According to the Oxford Pocket English Dictionary; Self-care is the practice of taking an active role in protecting one's own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.

Self Care Can Prevent Stress

Stress is no fun, especially when it seems never-ending. An excellent way to deal with this sort of pressure is by practicing self-care on a regular base. This will help get rid of any negative feelings you may be having.

70 Self Care Ideas

01. Sleep
02. Get a Massage
03. Spa Day
04. Get Your Hair Done
05. Get Your Nails Done
06. By something expensive for yourself
07. Journal
08. Go Out To Eat
09. Go Fishing
10. Read a Book
11. Go Horse Back Riding
12. Visit a Farm
13 Go To The Library
14. Listen to an Audiobook
15. Draw something
16. Binge watch your favorite show
17. Eat Junk Food
18. Exercise
19 Try a new Sport
20. Use a Towel/ Blanket right out of the dryer
21.Wash Your Face
22. Organize and Declutter Your Home
23. Redecorate your office
24. Start a Personal Blog
25. Keep a mood Habit Tracker
26. Write Your Daily Gratuities
27. MAke a Goals List and Follow It
28. Write that Novel You've Been Putting Off
29. Get a Stress Ball
30. Make Yourself a Treat
31. Make Someone's Day by Paying It Forward
32. Go For A Walk
33. Get a Pet
34. Meditate
35. Start a Podcast
36. Start a Business
37. Get a Side Hustle
38. Learn a New Skill
39. Create a Course
40. Do Your Make Up
41. Deep Clean Your House
42. Browse Your Favorite Website
43. Watch a Funny YouTube Video
44. Take a Bubble Bath
45. Listen to a Podcast
46. Create a To-Do List
47. Cross off a To-Do List
48. Listen to Music
49. Go For a Drive
50. Go on a Shopping Spree
21. Wear a Sleep Mask
52. Dim the Lighting
53. White/ Soothing noise
54. Create a Vision Board
55. Write a short story
56. Movie Night with Loved Ones
57. Plan a Vacation
58. Take a Trip
59. Eat Chocolate and Icecream
60. Vent (even if it is to yourself)
61. Family Time
62. Go Dancing
63. Draw or Paint a Picture
64. Take Photos
65. Learn a New Language
66. Turn Off Your Phone
67. Do Yoga
68. Exercise Your Religion/ Channel Your Inner Self
69. Deep Breathing
70. Stretch

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