Attempting The 100 Themes Challenge

I can honestly say, that besides drawing hands, the 100 Themes Challenge is my mortal enemy. Since high school, oh so many years ago that was, I have tried and failed to complete the themes within a year. I have tried everything from setting a schedule to penciling it in, to allowing myself to work on it as I felt and frankly, none of it worked. Well, recently I have purchased a new sketchbook. And some more Copic Markers. I plan to complete all 5 variations of the 100 Themes Challenge found on Deviant Art. Once I have finished the prompts, I am going to treat myself to a spa day at Woodhouse Day Spa.

My plan of execution this time around is simple. I will take all 5 versions and I going to paste them into my sketchbook's inner cover. Once I have completed a topic I am going to cross it off the list. The end goal is to fill the sketchbook by completing all of the tasks. There will be other works in this sketchbook such as works from the Drawing 101 Facebook Group, join if you are interested. 

My Tools Going into the 100 (technically 500) Themes Challenge.

The Theme for this month
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