Drawing Tips for Beginners

Over the years I have picked up an put down my sketchbook. I have vowed to write many books and create many webcomics. Well, 2019 is my year for change. This year I am going to take charge and redevelop myself as an artist. For me, this will be easy since I have both formal and nonformal training in art. But what about those who don't? Well, you have come to the right place, In today's post, I will be sharing with you a few tips on Drawing if you are a beginner.

01. Practice Makes Perfect

In art school, my professors would teach that it takes about 10,000 mistakes before you get one good piece. In other words, practice makes perfect. If there is an area that you are struggling with or a pose that you wish to add to your drawing abilities. Try drawing a feature or figure over and over again, until you are happy with the end result. Since returning from my break from art, I find myself at my desk drawing the same things repeatedly until I get it to how I like it.

02. Use Your Eraser Less

One mistake I see new artists do is erase their work after creating something that they do not like. My tip is to put the eraser down, draw the lines you want then get rid of the ones you don't want. In other words, if you are drawing a circle, draw about 4 circles all on top of one another then erase the lines that you d not want to keep. This will help you perfect your stroke and save your eraser from being overworked.

03. Don't Draw So Hard

This is another mistake that I see soo many beginners making, and that I using their tools as if they are engraving their work into stone. Relax your hand and make light strokes, you can darken as your work progresses. When you draw hard, you leave divots in the papers and sometimes it can become hard to completely erase dark lines from your work. This can become an issue later on if the work were to become finished. You would have those marks remaining on your completed work, so remember, draw lightly.

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