10 Tips for Up and Coming Content Creators

Starting out with content creation can be exciting and daunting at the same time. As a content creator, you will go on an exciting journey that will challenge you to grow, learn and develop. In this post, you will find 10 tips for those just starting out in content creation.

Understanding Your Audience

Create an audience avatar and define who you are creating your content for. The better you know your audience, the better you can resonate with them and provide value to them.

Write Daily

Write daily, even if it is a simple blurp in a personal journal. Get into the habit of getting your thoughts out in a written form. This is help increase your creativity and combat writers' block.

Find Your Voice

Write in your own voice, do not try to sound like anyone else, it will show in your work. When you write in your own voice, it allows for authenticity within and throughout your work. 

When you write in your own voice, you are offering a unique component to your work that your audience will come to appreciate.

Be Current. Stay Current.

Know your niche and the industry. Know what the industries demands, strengths and weaknesses are. What makes the industry flourish and what could destroy it? These are all questions you should be able to answer in regards to your niche and industry. Think of it like a car, and you are the mechanic. You should know about the moving parts as it relates to you and how to fix things if anything were to ever break.

Use Outlines

Outlines are a fantastic tool when creating content, it will guide you through the essential parts and keep you organized as you prepare your information for production, despite the format.

Outlines come in many formats. I personally use mind mapping and alphanumeric outlines to organize my talking points.

Plan Ahead

Planning is a great way to stay organized as a content creator. When you plan ahead, you are providing structure in an otherwise chaotic world.

I personally keep a binder, bullet journal, journal, and planner for my blogs. I know it may seem excessive, but this is how I maintain productivity. 

Read Your Work Out Loud

Now, to this day, I am guilty of this. However, I now run my text through a software that will read what I wrote back to me so if I hear anything that sounds strange I can go back into my writing and correct it.

Keep a Journal of Your Research 

As I stated above, I have many forms of journals and binders to keep my information together. Even if you do not have as many journals as I maintain, I do recommend that you at least keep a journal to hold your research.

Make and Keep a List of The Competition

Keeping up with your competition is an essential component of running a successful content creation platform. Do not copy them, but stay in the know about them, but observe and take note.

When scoping out the competition, take note of their audience, their engagement, their freebies, their resource library, their posting schedule. Subscribe to their newsletter and opt-in for their freebies and if you are really dedicated, buy their products.

Develop a Reading List

Have a list of blogs, youtube channels, newsletters (etc.) that you subscribe to that is related to the niche that you are in. Write them in a journal, bookmark them or keep them in a folder on your desktop.

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