6 Good Habits of for Success That You Should Develop

Good habits are a virtue. They make our lives easier and bring us a good fortune when implemented at the right time. The same can be said about Developing Success through Good Habits. In this article, I will be sharing with you 6 habits of Success that you should consider adding into your daily routine.

01. Tell Others

Now, you do not need to walk up to people and tell them your list of life goals, but a simple vlog, blog post or even a status update would do just fine. When you tell others, it's like building a contract promising that you will follow through on your promise of achieving your goal.

Once, I shared a status on facebooks stating that I was writing a book for NaNoWriMo, at the end of the month I had a few people ask me how it went. Despite the fact that I lost, it fueled my urge to win the next year round. 

Thus telling others will motivate you and create a contract between you and your goals.

02. Create and Affirmation

Affirmations are amazing! They reinforce your goals and work to ensure that you are going to forget them. They reinforce your purpose for creating your goals and even how you plan on going about them. My Affirmation this year (2019) is to 
I am going to become a fulltime digital nomad making at least $5000.00 a month by the end of 2019 and create exsperiences for my  family and myself.

03. Be a Life Long Learner

Learning is a virtue. In order to grow and develop you will need to grow with the changing times and make sure that you remain up to date. Being a life learner is a great asset that ever successful person holds. Even if you have mastered your craft, there is always something or someone that you can obtain knowledge from.

04. Write Your Goals Every day

It is one thing to write out your goals. It is another to write them out every single day. This will make sure that they are aware of them and this will make you more inclined to pursue them. 

05. Journaling and Documenting Your Journey

The road to success if a journey, so why not document it. Be it in a blog, vlog, journaling or even a scrapbook. It is great to write down everything that pertains to your blog and how you are going to tackle it.  When you share your journey on social media you stand the chance of developing a following, which can be used as motivation to completing your journey thus leading back to step 01 - tell others.

06. Be Self-Disciplined

It is great that you have a world of knowledge, but if you are not disciplined you have nothing. When you are self-disciplined you are able to overcome your weaknesses and control your feelings. MEaning that if you are bored you still get up and work. If you are at a loss for words you find them, and if you lose yourself, you find yourself.

Only You can control you, no one else can. With that said, the more self-disciplined you are the more successful you will be because you will have the asset of being self-motivated.

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