09 Reasons Why You Should Start An Author Blog

In this day and age, people are looking to consume content, and frankly, it is no longer enough to write a book and call it a day. Your audience wants to learn more about you. They want to know what you are doing and how you are doing it. Yes, it may seem a bit invasive at first, but it's what the public wants. Think of it like this, say you follow a creator on youtube and they put out a product, chances are you may have some questions for them. The same applies to your potential audience. Having an author blog will allow for this. Now, with that in mind here are 13 Reasons Why You Should Start An Author Blog.

01. Attract and Own Audience

These days, authors on social media are given. It is easy to follow what they are doing on Facebook and Instagram. It is another thing for an author to have a website or a blog. Having a website will diversify your audience and allow you to target your audience as opposed to being at the mercy of another platform. When you own your platform you own your audience and the audience that you attract to your website is yours.

02. Blogging is Simple

Blogging is easy. To be honest, I see it as journaling. Whenever you blog you are giving your audience a glimpse of your expertise. You are also allowing them to see into your world as an author. With your blog, you can control the content and image of your author brand. Not to mention it is great practice for fine tuning your writing skills.

03. Build a Community

Having an author blog will allow you to create a community around your author brand. You will be able to create a loyal following, filled with potential customers who are more likely to convert at a higher rate. Building a community will also allow you to create a bond between you and your audience. It will allow them to see you as more than just an author but as a relatable human being.

04. Build Rapport

For those of you worried about not being known as an author, creating an author blog will assist you in fixing that. Whenever you create an author blog, it will allow you to establish yourself as an author and provide value to your audience beyond your novel. It will allow you to show off your personality as well.

05. Establish Authority

Authority is a big deal. When you start your author blog, you will be asserting yourself as a real author. Not that you aren't without one, just, with a blog you are better validated. Consider this, when audience members find a series that they can get behind, they often tend to want to look for more information about it. Having an official site for your author brand will allow you to lay claim to your work and further legitimize yourself as an author,

06. Gives You a Voice

Having an author blog gives you a voice. It will allow you to spread your message to a wide arrange of potential viewers. You will be able to talk about your brand in an uncensored platform, thus giving you the ability to speak as you wish.

07. Make Money

You can monetize your author brand through an author blog. You could sell a course, merchandise, books, even offer coaching sessions. You could even experiment with affiliate marketing. The possibilities are endless.

08. Meet New People

Having an author brand will allow you to to connect with others in your genre, leading to possible collaborations. It will also give you a chance to interact directly with your audience and you may just wind up with a few super fans.

09. Self Promotion

Shameless self-promotions are one of the key perks of an author blog because it is literally all about you and your novel. You won't have to worry about asking for permission or overwhelming the platform with too much information about your content because the sole purpose of the site is to give your content a platform.

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