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9 Essential Elements of a Content Marketing Strategy

Having a content marketing strategy is Ideal if you want to get your brand off the ground. But what all goes into having a stellar Content Marketing Strategy? In this blog post, I will be covering 9 Essential Elements of a Content Marketing Strategy.

Awesome Visuals

Imagery and Video are vital in maintaining your audience's attention in today's day and age. With attention spans growing shorter, it is your job as a creator to captivate your audience and not just gain but hold your audience's attention. One way to do this is by providing your audience with stunning images and entertaining videos.

Brand Story

Your brand story is essentially your brands evolving origin story. It is essentially your customer's narrative that you are telling; however, your version consists of a solution. Your Brand Story should cover the scope of your entire brand, it should provide answers and validate the content that you are creating. Your brand story and the material that you are creating should work in tandem with one another, they should completely complement each other.

Content Calendar

Now, if you are a follower of this blog, you know that I live by my content calendar. A content calendar will help keep things organized. A content calendar will help keep things in line, and it will help you plan out your content days, weeks, even months in advance. If you hold no other means of organization, I recommend you employ a  Content Calendar.

Content Objectives 

Have a game plan in mind when you are creating your content. Refer back to your content calendar and your brand story for this. Know your audience and provide them with fresh and valuable content regularly.

Customer Journey Map 

A customer journey map is a visual representation of the experiences that your customer will have while interacting with your brand. Your outline should be well thought out and multi-dimensional. It should include each step that you want to take your customer through while they engage with your brand. This map should be created with the customer 100% in mind. While making your journey map, you should be customer focused.

Customer Persona 

Your customer persona, also known as a customer avatar is a detailed description of your ideal customer. This should entail your customer's pain points and desires. What makes them happy? What makes them mad? How is their lifestyle? Are they busy? What is the best way to deliver your content to them? How does your brand fit into their lives? These are just some of the questions you should have while creating your customer persona.

Effective Storytelling 

By nature, I am a storyteller. In today's age, sometimes, the best way to get a thought across, to introduce a new concept, or teach a skill is through storytelling. Learning how to effectively share stories and turn them into learning and teachable moments through your words will carry your brand to incredible heights.

High-Level Goals 

High-Level goals are critical to any content marketing strategy. When you are creating a content marketing strategy, a key component is the end goals. What are you looking to achieve with your content marketing? Are you looking to grow your audience? Are you looking for engagement? Are you looking for sales? How about increasing your email list? Do your best to avoid having too many Goals in place, take it a step at a time. Try to limit your goals to 2 or 3 so that things are more manageable.

Offer Up Solutions

This is one of the most significant elements of a content marketing strategy, make sure you are offering up solutions. Avoid leading your customer on the trail of false hope. When you offer solutions that hold value, you not only validate your authority, but you increase the chances of repeat customers.

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