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How to Find Your Target Audience With Pinterest

If you are like me, finding your target audience can be a struggle. From the start of my blogging journey back in 2018, I've always struggled with locating my audience. I knew what my blog was about, I knew what niche I was in, and I knew how to look for the questions my audience had so that I could answer them. I just never knew where to find them, and then it hit me... Pinterest! Pinterest has changed the way that I go about writing my blog posts as well as how I do my keyword research and utilize hashtags. 

01 | Follow Your Competition and Their Followers

This, for me, was one of the primary keys to getting my Pinterest Account to 300 Follows in one day. Because I knew what my blog was about and the key takeaways I wanted to provide my audience with, I began to look for pinners that shared the same niche as me, as well as the ones that were the most similar to my brand (do not be a copycat!).

Once I found my competitors, I then followed them and a handful of their most active followers. I determined this by seeing who all were posting and commenting on their pins, those individuals are your target audience, and that is who you should follow. Chances are, they will follow you back.

02 | Find Questions on Quora

This one will cause you to leave Pinterest for a little bit. Quora is a site that hosts a ton of questions. Go onto Quora, type in the name of your niche, and join that topic. Within it, you are going to find a boatload of questions related to your niche, then you are going to go back to Pinterest and type in that question. What comes up? How can you deliver better content?

Bonus points if you take note of the hashtags and common keywords used. You can leverage with your title and description.

03 | Join/Create Group Boards

I know that this is a common theme (just like my love for content calendars) but if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Joining or creating a group board within your niche will put right in the thick of your audience, from there all you need to do is provide value. Remember the 80/20 rule though, 20% your content 80% other peoples content.

04 | Follow Boards Related To Your Niche

This one should be a no brainer, but I thought that I should mention it still. Similar to strategy #1, you are going to follow boards that are related to your niche and then follow and engage with those who are leaving comments and trying pins.

05 | Add To The Conversation

Comment on relevant pins and add value to the conversation. Avoid commenting solely with emojis. The creators of the pins have worked hard to create their pins, so take the time to acknowledge them and their work. Chances are, you will receive a response. It is best to ask questions, this will prompt an answer from others.


With these strategies, you will be engaging directly with your target audience. You will literally be in the thick of them. Now, it is what you do within the platform that will set you apart.

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