3 Benefits of Batch Working and How I Use It

Man, if this isn't a repeat of last year's 100 Blog Post Challenge, the I don't know what it. The only difference between this year and last year, however, is a simple fact that I am determined to be successful.

You can know all the keys to be successful; however, if you fail to employ them, then the knowledge that you have doesn't hold much water. I know a ton about content creation. I have been studying the subject for years. Yet, I still manage to fall into this void of inaction that always comes back to bite me in the end; enter Batch working.

Batch Working is the act of focusing on one subject and working on those specific tasks related to that topic. For me, this would be writing multiple blog posts in a day or filming multiple YouTube Videos in a day. Today, for example, I am going to be doing just that. In this post, I will be going over 3 benefits of Batch Working in addition to how I plan on utilizing it going forward.

3 Benefits of Batch Working

01. Having Themed Work Days

With a themed workday, you can set your intentions for the day and not have to worry about what it is that you are going to be doing because the overall gist of what it is that you are going to be doing has already been set; now all you need to do is follow through and get to work. Themed days take away from the stress of having to decide on what needs to get done when. It also encourages productivity by eliminating the distractions associated with having multiple tasks.

02. Increased Time Management

When you batch work, you are taking away so much guesswork that you end up saving time, and oh how nice it is to save time. When batch working, you are mostly laying out all of your work and knocking out the tasks in bunches instead of singularly. Batch work also helps lessen the amount of time you spend refocusing on an assignment so that you can dedicate more of your energy to getting your job done.

03. Reduces Clutter

I, for one, am known for my organized chaos. I will create a to-do list, gather everything that I need for each task on that to-do list and work under a pile of books for hours on end until I dig myself out after completion. When I batch work, I am limiting the number of resources that I need to complete each task because, more often than not, the jobs all use the same limited resources. The fewer tools that I need to complete tasks, the less clutter and the easier it is for me to complete tasks in the long run.

How I Plan on Batch Working

I have so much to do and so little time so batch working is the ideal tool for me. The way in which  I plan on using batch working is my creating themed days and dedicating a slot of time to working on similar tasks. I believe that dividing my work into simular tasks will increase my productivity and help to alleviate the guesswork associated with my ever-growing list of To-Dos.

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