Monthly Check In February 2020

Goals, Goals, Goals, Goals, Goals; it seems as though my entire life has become consumed with achieving goals, especially when it comes to creating my online business and furthering my career as both a student and a creative entrepreneur. I am forever revisiting Kanban Board and flipping through the pages of my personal planners, notebooks, and journals constantly checking off boxes. My Ultimate Goal in life is to become the next Walt Disney, and though I have a long road ahead of me, I know that I will achieve my goals in due time. In this blog post, I will be going over "My February 2020 Goals" and how I plan on accomplishing them. 

Omanah Land

Omanah Land is one of the first blogs that I ever launched, and for years, this blog has gone through many transformations regarding the content that I have been placing on this blog. Recently, I have gotten back into the swing of my art. With that, I want a place to host it, however "The OC Academy" is about the creation of content and not necessarily the content itself, though I do share my personal content from time to time. On my Omanah Land Blog, I am going to be posting more of my art and my art-related content.

I am currently working on the 100 Themes Challange, so this month, I am looking to complete 4 themes. I am also working on the 12 sketchbook challenge, I did not complete a notebook in January, so that notebook will roll over into this month and I am now 0/12.

>> Attempting The 100 Themes Challenge Again 2020


Blogging is a huge part of my business, I spend most of my time blogging. With that, I am forever looking for ways to better my reach and to improve my business model. For this month, the goals that I have are to complete the 1st 29 days of the 100 themes challenge, batch write the 1st eight blog posts in the 100 Blog Post Challenge, create an email list, and create a freebie.

Art and Drawing

Of all my goals, I feel that this is one of the most important. However, this is the one that I have lacked in. I run a Facebook Group with over 500 members called "Drawing 101 | Learn to Draw". This group means a lot to me, and I am forever working on ways to better my craft as a creative entrepreneur, one of those things is creating a safe, productive, inspiring, and resourceful Facebook Group for aspiring artists. My Art and Drawing goals for this month are to complete 4 themes from the 100 Themes Challenge and to complete a sketchbook or 2 for the 12 Sketchbook Challenge.


Creating a webcomic is something that I have been telling myself that I would do for years. I am forever talking to my best friend about how I am going to create a webcomic. However, I have not been successful in maintaining this goal, so I have decided to break this process up into smaller and more consumable chunks. This month, I want to outline the first 10 chapters of my webcomic.


As many of you already know, I have a fulltime job, and it is currently my primary source of income. I want to boost my business and create a budget for it. The extra money that I bring in from my blog will fuel my business so that I can continue to succeed. My current goals at work art to increase my personal productivity and to work at least 72 hours a week whenever I can.


Writing is a massive part of my life, clearly. As a writer, I have been putting my energy into working on my novel "Sugar Noire." With that, I have set some goals that I would like to achieve before the month is out to ensure my progression in the creation of my "Sugar Noire" novel. I want to write at least 4000 words a month, which is about 572 words a day, a walk in the park since I write about 2000 words in an hour. I want to complete the outline and character development to my novel as well as working on my guided writing journal and to work on the 12 notebook challenge.


My personal goals are to practice self-care more often, one of those things is to journal daily. This will also help me out to write every day. I want to work on improving my writing and increasing my vocabulary. I am excited to write my heart out through journaling.


YouTube is one of my new endeavors. I am forever working on trying to grow my business, and adding in a YouTube Channel is one that I am incredibly excited about. This month, I want to create a YouTube Channel each week thus 4 a month.


There are many challenges that I have on my list of problems to complete in 2020. The Challenges that I am working towards are as follows, Preparing for Camp NaNoWriMo Prep, working on the 100 themes challenges, as well as 1.5 outside drawing challenges.

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