Self Care: Learning to Take My Own Advice | 25 Ways to Practice Self Care

Yesterday was rough, I have been working long days for the past three weeks, and frankly, it is beginning to feel as if everything is starting to pile up on me. No matter how much I plan and execute, it feels as though more and more things are popping up, and more often than not, they are things that are way beyond my control. Yet, I have continued to press on; dealing with things are I cross over them. Not once did what I preach to everyone else around me "practice self-care." Self-care is an essential element in my busy life that I am always telling others that they should do, yet putting it off whenever it is time for me to follow through. 

In 2020 I am putting a stop to this cycle. I am going to be taking my own advice, and I will be working on decompressing whenever I need it. Here is a list of 25 ways you, too, can practice self-care.

    1. Journal
    2. Go For a Walk
    3. Work Out
    4. Listen To Music
    5. Draw
    6. Read
    7. Take a Bath
    8. Take a Nap
    9. Meditate
    10. Listen to a Podcast
    11. Watch a Movie
    12. Scroll mindlessly through Pinterest
    13. Light a Candle
    14. Clean
    15. Organize your desk
    16. Go out for lunch
    17. Visit a Bookstore
    18. Visit a Coffee Shop
    19. Blog
    20. Plan / Be Productive
    21. Play Video Games
    22. Call a loved one
    23. Spend time with family and friends
    24. Visit your favorite place.
    25. Window Shop

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