60 Blog Post Ideas for The Month of December

Blogging is your passion, it's what you enjoy doing. However, every now and again you lack inspiration and have trouble deciding on what it is that you should write about. You know your readers are waiting but you are running low in the idea department. Well, we have a solution! Here is a list of 60 Blog Post Ideas for The Month of December.

 1. Your Christmas List
 2. Christmas List Ideas (For Kids, For Her, For Him, For Them - Keep it going)
 3. Share a Christmas Dessert Recipe
 4. Share a Christmas Side Dish Recipe
 5. Share a Christmas Cocktail Recipe
 6. Share your favorite things to do on Christmas
 7. What is your family's Christmas tradition?
 8. What was your best Christmas thus far?
 9. What was your worst Christmas thus far?
10. Anti Christmas Post?
11. Things you like to do leading up to Christmas
12. Why you enjoy the winter holidays?
13. Why do you dislike the winter holidays
14. Your ideal Christmas vacation
15. Holiday product review
16. Create a Coloring Page
17. Time Management During the Holidays
18. Vlog
19. Holiday Craft Tutorial
20. Write a recap of your year
21. Your goals for the next year
22. Your New Year Resolutions
23. About me post
24. Christmas decor ideas
25. Winter DIY
26. Winter date night ideas
27. Staying healthy during the winter
28. Have you ever seen snow? How do you feel about it?
29. Overcoming cabin fever
30. Overcoming post-holiday blues
31. List of books to read on a snow day
32. Winter bucket list
33. Favorite winter foods
34. Favorite winter drinks
35. Your Favorite Holiday shows
36. How to binge watch during a snow day
37. Things to do during a snow day
38. New holiday tradition you would like to try
39. Write about online stores you shop at.
40. Go to gift ideas
41. Write a letter to Santa
42. Write a letter to Krampus
43. Horror films to watch during Christmas
44. Volunteer activities during the holiday season
45. Ways to give back during the holiday season
46. Slow cook recipes for the holiday season
47. Holiday fashion
48. Holiday E-Cards vs. Physical Cards
49. Take a Poll
50. Guest Post
51. Give back to your readers, offer a freebie
52. Give back to your readers, offer a giveaway
53. Christmas budget and expenses
54. What did you get for Christmas this year?
55. What do you hope to accomplish next holiday season?
56. Holiday party theme ideas
57. The holiday party does and don'ts
58. Build a gingerbread house and blog about the experience
59. Holiday workouts
60. Holiday playlist

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