20 Creative Gifts for The Artist In Your Life

Gifting can be a bit stressful at times, especially when you do not know what to get, well you are in luck! I took the liberty of combing amazon.com for gifts for artists, and here are 20 items that any artist or creator would love to receive.


Great for drawing on the go, with quality pencils, eraser, sharpener, and sketchpad. It is the ideal carrying case for any on the go project. Makes for a fantastic gift for the busy artist. Fits effortlessly into book bags and purses.

02 | The Friendly Swede Stylus Pen 4-in-1 with Replaceable Brush, Capacitive Fiber Tip, Fine Point Disc Stylus Tip and Ballpoint in Gift Box

This is an innovative capacitive stylus that includes four functions, into one. This pen contains a micro-knit fiber tip, a precision disc, a brush tip for an authentic feeling in digital painting, and a ballpoint pen for writing. No charging or batteries are needed. Perfect for any creator looking for a multifunctional tool.

03 | 642 Things to Draw

An inspiring collection of 642 things to draw. This is great for those days when you are feeling creative, but you just aren't sure what to draw. This is a beautiful gift for any creative mind.

04 | Matcase for iPhone 7 Case iPhone 8 Case - Watercolor Box Set Hard Clear Transparent Anti Scratch Resistance with Full Protection TPU Bumper Designer Case

Nothing screams creative mind more than creative merch, so why not adorn your cellphone with your passion. Show your connection to art by rocking a watercolor phone case. This would make an excellent gift for painters, especially if they enjoy watercolors.

05 | Chalier 4 Pairs / 5 Pairs Womens Famous Painting Art Printed Funny Novelty Casual Cotton Crew Socks

Great for any occasion, these fun multicolored socks sport some of the most famous painting known to man, from the Mona Lisa to a starry night. These socks add a unique and colorful touch to any outfit. This is an excellent gift for artists who appreciate art history and those interested in the old masters of the art.

06 | Paint2It Pro - Anti Gravity Paint Tray Palette. Premium Multipurpose Kit for Easy Painting. No Spills, No Drips, No Mess!

This is an excellent gift for painters, especially those who paint walls, ceilings, and murals. This Paint Tray will help alleviate the need to continually lug around paint trays and buckets.

07 | Today Is Art Day - Famous Painters and Artists Action Figure Dolls - Rembrandt - PVC - 5"H x 3"L x 3" Inches

Yet another wonder for any creator who is interested in art history would surely appreciate a collectible Action Figure of their favorite artists.

Buddha boards are great for learning to let go, and who better to acquire such a skill than an artist. When a creator makes a piece, they are inclined to hold onto it. With the Buddha board, they are forced to let it go. This is great for opening the mind and creating within a stressfree environment.

09 | LEATHER JOURNAL Handmade Artisan Notebook Or Sketchbook With Unlined Cotton Paper For Men & Women 7 X 5 Inches Perfect For Travel Diary And Art Makes A Great Gift for People Of All Ages (7X5 Gift Box)

This is an oldie but goody, every artist should have a handmade artisan notebook/sketchbook at some time in their lives, so why not now? This would make an excellent gift for any creative mind.

10 | The Struggle Is Real Shirt: Frustrated Fine Artist T-Shirt

Humor is the best humor, and frankly, the struggle is real. This shirt speaks volumes, and it is excellent for creators who enjoy relatable and humorous merchandise, so why not get it on a shirt?

11 | Adjustable Painting Apron with Pockets - Artist Apron Gardening Canvas Apron With 10 Pockets/Cross-Back Strap/Adjustable Neck Strap/Waist Ties for Women Men Adult, Adjustable M to XXL

Artists are very busy people, how about making their day easier by getting them an adjustable painting apron with pockets?

Humor is king, so why not add in a bit of art while you are at it. This mug is useful, relatable, witty, and right. This would make an excellent gift for an artist who loves tea and or coffee.

13 | Please Go Away I'm Drawing - Funny Coffee Mug 11 oz For Artists, Gift Idea Artist Mug

I'm starting to feel a trend coming on, but these mugs are too awesome to pass up! This one speaks volumes, especially those who have a great sense of humor.

14 | Picture/Perfect Best Light Box for Tracing ~ Ultra Thin Portable LED Light Pad with Advanced Filter to Prevent Eye Fatigue, Plus Free Paper Holder Clamp, A4 9"x13" Table with Hi-Mid-Low Brightness

Light boards are fantastic! Especially when a creator wants to preserve an original sketch or image. A light board allows artists to trace over original works.

15 | Leonardo Da Vinci Inspirational Quote Pen - Make Your Work to Be in Keeping with Your Purpose - Creative Gifts for Artists Engineers Architects Professors History Art Teachers

This pen is an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys quotes and writing. This is easily a staple gift, bonus points in the recipient enjoys art history.

Boss Ross will forever be a staple in the art community so why not show an artist you care and gift them a tin of Happy Little Mints to go with the Happy Trees they'll be painting.

Now it's time to go big or go home! The following gifts do start to hit the purse a bit, but they will make you to A1 Day 1 when it comes to supporting your favorite artists and showing them that you care about their journey as a creator.

17 | Sakura Pigma Micron Fineline Pen Artist Set 59CT, Ass't Colors

Fineliners should always be within reach of an artist. Make sure that holds true and gift the whole set!

18 | Sakura Gelly Roll Pens Gift Set 74/Pkg

Like the Sakura Fineliners, Sakura Gelly Roll Pens are a community favorite.

19 | Faber-Castell Polychromos Artists' Color Pencils - Tin of 120 Colors - Premium Quality Artist Pencils

Another favorite within the art community, the Polychromos Color Pencils are a professional grade art tool, great for anyone serious about art.

Copic markers are my personal favorite markers, and I see them as an investment that pays for itself, every part of a Copic marker is replaceable, yes that's right... the ink, the nib, and the barrel. They are also an oil-based marker.

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