My 2019 NaNoWriMo Plot Point Calendar

Regardless if you participate in Camp NaNoWriMo or The Official NaNoWriMo, it can become an intimidating feat. To combat this, I use a Plot Point Calendar. A Plot Point Calendar is a fantastic tool for organizing and tracking your progression during your writing journey because you will have everything filled out in advance. In this blog post, I will be showing you how I set up my Plot Point Calendar for Camp NaNoWriMo.


I am a stationary junkie. I have a vast collection of pens, pencils, binders, planners, and journals. For the sake of Camp NaNoWriMo, these are the tools that I will be utilizing for Camp.

Bullet Journal

In addition to my Happy Planner, I use a Bullet Journal to organize my life. For Camp this year, I will be using my current 2019 bullet journal to track my progression during Camp.


I used to be a big fan of the sharpie highlighters, then I discovered Mildliner! A total game changer. They do not bleed through my paper like the sharpie highlighters, and they allow me to pass over a previously made mark without worrying about tearing or over saturating the page.

TUL Gel Pens

TUL gel pens are super bold, and they do not bleed through the page, they are also very smooth on paper.

TUL Mechanical Pencils

Since I like my items to match. I bought the TUL mechanical pencil. The lead that is used in the TUL brand is super smooth, and I don't have any problem with the lead breaking all the time. I love this brand and have added it to my list of favorites.


This is a standard item that I keep whenever I use my binder. I have a triangle ruler, a regular 12" ruler, and a  protractor.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes have saved me more than once. I use them all the time when for reminders and notes.

Stickers and Washi Tape

I like to decorate my notebooks with doodles and stickers. Washi tape comes in handy too. These adorn my pages and make them look amazing.

Happy Planner

My Happy Planner is a new item that I have added to my arsenal of stationary. My old planner was a Pipsticks + Workman Planner.

Calendar Set Up

27 Chapter Outline

I use the 27 Chapter Outline Method for outlining my novels. So, I work that outline into the setup of my novel. Each day of the week I assign a chapter, set up, editing, and revision.

Google Calendar

For my Google Calendar, I use it to set reminders on my phone so that I receive reminders regarding my writing schedule and where I should be in my writing journey.

July 01 | Flesh Out The Outline
July 02 | Character Development
July 03-29 | Chapters 1 to 27
July 30 | Editing and Revisions
July 31 | Finishing Touches

Bullet Journal

I keep a physical and a digital copy of my progression throughout Camp. In my bullet journal, I track my completion of each task on the calendar so if I make the day I color that day green and if I fail to make the day I color it red.

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