The 12 Notebook Challenge For 2020

Back when I was in art school. My teachers would all instill in us that it takes a master artist 10,000 drawings to become a master. As I embark on my creative journey here in 2020, I cannot help but think about what it would feel like to create 10,000 drawings and what my work would look like after I accomplished such a daring feat. Well, I am not sure if I will reach 10,000 drawings this year, but I am excited to find out just how close I can get.

This year, I am going to be participating in the 12 notebook challenge for both my drawing and writing journies. I have been making it a habit to write daily, though my daily drawings have fallen behind. That is okay however, I still have more than enough time to catch up.

The 12 notebook challenge is a challenge where you fill up a notebook each month for 12 months. For me, my goal is to just fill up 12 notebooks by the end of the year. If I begin to fall behind, I will not stress over it too much. Though I will do my best to continue to draw until I reach my goal of 12 notebooks for the year.

Although I had heard about similar challenges in the past. I was most inspired to participate in the challenge by Sarra Cannons's Heart Breathings YouTube Channel. There she documents her journey of filling up and giving away notebooks and planners. This year she has incorporated pens into the mix. Now, I am doing this challenge for both my writing projects and my drawing projects so I will actually have a total of 24 completed notebooks. These are the notebooks that I will be starting off with for January 2020.

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