Are You Creating Content for The Right Reasons? | 3 Useful Tips To Overcome Self Doubt

There have been many times during my content creation journey that I have stopped and asked myself, "Why am I still doing this?" as it pertains to my pursuit of being a content creator. I have always found a fascination with sharing information and helping others with their projects, then again, there are those times like today when you feel as if everything that you do is for nothing. Today I would like to share with you a little story about self-doubt and some tips on how to overcome it.

Earlier, I was messaging back and forth with a friend about our projects are creators, this has been a friend for 10 plus years, so conversations like this are frequent. I decided to plug my website and shared with them that I am in the middle of a 100-Day blog post challenge and that I wanted them to keep up with my progress. Their response was a passive "...You got this I believe in you," along with a "Just keep at it" when I followed up with a "Thanks. That sub, though...". Considering I have known this person since middle school and we have both frequently shared our love for creating with one another, I felt that this person would have been one of the first to jump at the chance to support me in any shape possible, I was wrong apparently.

Looking back, I realized that I can not expect everyone to like, support, or find interest in what I do in terms of content creation. This conversation also encouraged me to sit with myself and ask myself, "Am I creating content for the right reasons?". This question came about after I was rejected by my friend, and the overwhelming feeling of defeat overcame me. In the back of my head, I was basically asking myself, "if you won't support me, then who will?". The answer, many others will. After I took the time to think about those who have contributed to my success and advancements as a content creator, I realized that I am not alone and that my work is worth something. Better yet, even if my work was not worth anything to anyone else, it was worth something to me. And I came to the conclusion that even if no one else in my life supported me, that I would encourage myself because this is what I want to do with my life. I am not going to let the doubtful put a damper on my progress.

3 Useful Tips To Overcome Self Doubt

01. Determine Your Why

What is it that is driving you to create? What inspires you? What is something that you could see yourself committing to even if you never see a return from it? What are your passions? These are some questions to consider when determining what it is that you are after in your pursuit of content creation. What is it about your content that makes you want to get up out of being and go all in?

02. Know That You Are Not Alone

It is easy to become discouraged, especially when you feel as though those around you are not supportive of your work. Remember that you can not force everyone to find interest in what you do. Remember that your work is not the end all be all and that there are billions of people on the planet with billions of likes and dislikes, and the truth of the matter is, your content might not touch everyone how it affects you. My story from earlier is a prime example of that. I believe that it is fair to say that the creative content that I am interested in may not necessarily interest my friend, and that may be why they passively declined to support my work. Whatever the case, you will have to remember your "why" and continue to press on when it comes to your creative journey.

03. Be a Life-Long Learner

I have found that one of the key reasons that I am doubtful of myself has a lot to do with how much I actually know about a particular topic. Imposter Syndrome is something that I have been struggling with a lot in my content creation journey. Yes, I did go to school and obtain a degree in art, but that does not stop me from feeling some type of way when it comes down to feeling as though I am in, or rather out of my element when it comes to specific topics. This is where being a life long learner comes into place. Try and humble yourself to that of a student and treat every opportunity that you can as if it were a learning opportunity. The more you know, the more you will feel comfortable in your element and in your abilities as a creator.

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