7 Actionable Methods to Stay Motivated as A Content Creator

Let's be honest, creating content on a regular basis can be stressful. Having to come up with new and unique ideas to share with your readers can become exhausting. So, how do you keep it up? How do you prevent burnout? Most of all how do you combat writer's block? In this post, I will be sharing 7 ways to stay motivated as a Content Creator.

1. Planning

Planning is an essential part of maintaining your blog and making sure that you are producing content on a regular basis.  When you plan your content creation sessions, be them in batch or throughout the week, you are allowing time for your work. You will already know that it is coming and you will not have to make time for it because it is already there.

The Benefits | Encourages Time Management, Alleviates the need to fit blogging into your schedule and it allows for a less stressful time creating.

2. Having a Content List

Deciding what to write about is hard, this is why it is a great idea to be surrounded by things that inspire you, so why not keep a list? Listing 100-200 Ideas is a brilliant way to stay on top of things especially when you are lacking in the creative juice department. Having a list of ideas with a small blurp of what to write about is a magnificent way to curve your writing woes.

The Benefits | Maintaining a list of topics with a description of what to write is a great way to overcome writer's block. It cancels out the act of coming up with what to write and instead allows you to choose what you want to write. This is taken care of the pressure of having to generate a topic out of then air.

3. Decorate Your Space with Things That Inspire You

Your job is to entertain, inspire, and motivate your audience, so why not keep yourself inspired? As a content creator it is your duty to be at your motivational and inspirational best, so why not take a tip out of the book of motivation and decorate your space with things that you love and admire? An awesome way to do this is to keep a vision board.

The Benefits | Embellishing your space with items that inspire you will prove you with visual inspiration, this comes in handy when you are trying to put ideas together. Instead of distracting you, inspiration items will encourage you to stay on track and focused.

4. Dedicated Playlist

Keeping a dedicated playlist of songs that bring out your inner creator will get you in the groove to create. You can lose yourself in the lyrics and create content inspired by the music you are indulging in.

The Benefits | Music in itself can be motivating, a designated playlist will only enhance the motivation. Music can also be a champion mood setter. Music aids to bring out emotions thus increasing the originality and authenticity of your work. Check out My Playlist on Youtube or on Spotify

5. Answer a Question

As a content creator, you should already have a good grasp of who your audience is and what their grievances are. If not then check out my post on understanding your audience. Three ideal places to search for questions that your audience may have are Youtube, Google, Reddit, and Quora. Your audience is sure to be on at least one of these platforms. Go, read the posts and comments. After you have found a few questions write them down and answer them in a blog post then link back to them. Find out more about who to find questions to answer for your audience here.

The Benefits | You are building backlinks to your blog and you are answering the actual questions that your audience has. When you are answering these questions, it is best to keep in mind that you are not selling them anything so do not just drop your link and be like "click the link for an answer" offer a brief synopsis of the actual post and provide an overview of why you post holds the answer then lead them to your post by offering a "read more" and then your link.

6. Offer Your Opinion

There is nothing better than the truth, even if it is ugly. Offer your opinion to your audience. Tell then what you think about a topic or an idea and explain to them why you feel this way.

The Benefits | It comes from the heart so you can connect with your audience through authenticity.

7. Just write

If your content is anything like mine. you are constantly answering questions, problem-solving and coming up with solutions for your audience. When I write, I usually already have a list of topics handy. As I write I come up with more topics to talk about. As I am writing I usually notice there is a topic that I can expand upon. When I get to one like that I write it down and I add it to my "Posts to Write List". This is a list of posts that NEED to go out either before or with the post that I am currently working on. This builds your blogs related articles list.

The Benefits | By keeping a list of related posts. You are able to add more substance to your blog. You are offering more information and building backlinks to the posts within your blog. In doing this you are also expanding your reach to a different audience because the related content may not always fit your main audience, but the relevance is still there. You are also adding more content to your blog, thus presenting yourself as an authoritative site and an expert on the matter.

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