Building My Personal Library

2020 has come and now, it is time for me to rebuild my personal library. Last year, I sold all of my old books in hopes of cleaning the home. Now, I am interested in rebuilding it with more thought and consideration as to what books I add to it. 

To start, I have purchased three of Roget's Thesauruses

I have already begun to use the student thesaurus for my written assignments in class, and I am looking to use the writer's thesaurus for when I sit down to write for my novel. Creating is my passion and any way that I can make my work better I am all for. Content Creation is a large part of my life, I enjoy making content for those interested in  Art, Writing, and Blogging. It means a lot to me whenever my work is able to touch the lives of others. I know that it is a ton to ask of a mere thesaurus, but I hope to use them to expand my vocabulary.

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