My 100-Day Goal Journal

This year, I am going all-in when it comes to achieving my goals. Yes, January had a bit of a slow start, but I somewhat expected that, and now that I have begun to organize myself a little more, I feel more comfortable when it comes down to excelling as a content creator. In this blog post, we are going to be going over the "100-Day Goal Journal" by John Lee Dumas and how I plan on using it to be successful during these 100 days.

To be clear, this is my second time attempting the 100 blog post-challenge, and frankly, I failed last year. I tried doing too much, and it all came falling down on me, now that I am more confident in my abilities to plan and schedule myself I feel as though I am more equipped to succeed today than I was last year.

So, what is the 100 Day Goal Journal? The 100-day goal journal is exactly that, a goal journal that spans over 100 days. In it, you can track your big and small goals so that you are remaining consistent. In it, you can also rate your progress and reflect on how the day went. 

One of my favorite parts of this book are the periodic reviews, these pages allow you to look back on your progress to see exactly how far you have come. Though the questions are repetitive and short, they are thought-provoking because they force you to think about your goals and how to break them apart into smaller and more consumable chunks that can be done daily over 100 days.

Now, I have shiny object syndrome, and this book isn't the cutest journal that I own; however, I do like to dress it up with stickers and other decorations.

The 100 blog post challenge is going to get me committed to working as hard as I can to excel as a blogger. This challenge is pushing me to my limits, and it is encouraging me to shoot for the moon, even if I land amongst the stars.

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