The Difference Between Content Marketing and Branded Content

Branded Content

Branded Content or Content that is branded is content created to be consumed and enjoyed by an audience. It is not native to advertising for it is produced to be advertised.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a strategy for marketing the Branded content. Content marketing is used as a bridge to connect the Branded content to the target audience. It is also used in the distribution of the content.

Another way to look at Content Marketing, it is the attraction of an audience to content.

To Sum it Up

Branded Content is the content that is being created for consumption and Content Marketing is the actual strategy implemented to build the bridges between the target audience and the Branded Content.

The difference between Branded Content and Content Marketing can also be seen in the roles of the individuals assuming the roles of Content Developers who created the Branded Content and the Content Managers who oversee the Content Marketing. Read more about the roles here.

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